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About us

   Dongguan SOP electromechanical Co. Ltd is located in the reform and opening up developed Guangdong city of Dongguan province. Do a solid backing for the Southern China area all machinery manufacturers, is also a leader in mechanical and electrical industry in Southern China district.LOGO

    Advanced technology and management concepts in today's world leading by first universal international group company, to build "enterprise culture atmosphere, initiative, perseverance,responsibility and gratitude" for the values, tries their best to build efficient operation team, to enable enterprises to achieve great leap forward. Create more reform era significance of the "common people first" spirit and influence; to build the network marketing service team all-round.The products are exported to Singapore, New Zealand, India, Vietnam, Burma, the Middle East,Europe and the United States, Chinese across three places; many well-known enterprises at home and abroad to establish a strategic partnership! Is the preferred supplier of mechanical equipmentmanufacturers!

     The first international group company adhere to the "strategic positioning of stable and efficienttechnology leading", "customer demand oriented, and customer win-win" business philosophy, take everything with "detail decides success or failure" mentality, using "digital result oriented" mode of thinking for every employee, let the customer long-term share the progress of science and technology and international brand sense of accomplishment and pride!

     2010 June Taiwan jiulee industrial shares first, established sensors division, specializing in the production of various types of sensors, the main products are linear displacement sensor, ropedisplacement sensor, magnetostrictive displacement sensor, pressure sensor, weighing sensor,torque sensor. And continue to develop depth sensor field to launch a variety of industrial controlsensor with high performance.

    "First quality northlatitude world" -- the first international group company welcome you!