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 SOP  sensor after sale service commitment

Return commitment

Within seven days from the date of sale, users in the use of the product under normal circumstances, if the quality of products, users can choose to return, replacement or repair free of charge.

Replacement commitment

Within three months from the date of sale, users in the use of the product under normal circumstances, if the product quality problems, the user can choose a replacement or repair. A user requests, for users to replace the same model with the specifications of the product; with the same type of product specifications to stop production, exchange shall be not less than the original product performance products.

Repair commitment

Within twelve months from the date of sale, users in the use of the product under normal circumstances, if the product quality problems, and belongs to the normal warranty products,provide warranty twelve months warranty service.

Non free warranty "belongs to one of the following products, not the three service"

1. validity period of more than three bags,

2. the product label is torn, torn, blurred products;

3. not to use products that require the use, maintenance, custody of the damage caused;

4. without our authorized personnel to dismantle, repair or attempt to repair products,

5. no effective three packs of certificates or alter three guarantees certificate;

6. the Three Guarantees certificate of product models, and the product does not match thenumber;

7. no name, address, date of production, product certification;

8. because of the accident, the use of the wrong or in any way, natural irresistible factors, whichcaused damage to the product.

9. for the user to use, transport, improper storage caused damage to the product. (such astransportation or handling the collision caused deformation and not the normal use of products etc.)

Warranty repair (paid service)

1 for more than twelve months of free warranty products, but also enjoy my company exceedindustry standards and national service are as follows:

2 beyond free warranty products in the repair process, if there is damage to low value parts, our company will provide free materials for the user fees, service charge only basic labor fee paidrepair;

3 if there is damage to the valuable parts (such as potentiometers, wire rope, brush machine,carbon film board), the company will be the first to spare parts material cost to replace the productin the repair quotation, and inform the customer. The customer agrees to seek out the productrepair repair under the condition of payment;

4 if the product has been discontinued repair components required stop feeding conditions, the company will refund the bad products to customers.

Repair cycle

Belong to three packets of period of products, our company since the date of receipt of customerrework, return customers within three working days.

If the return from a period of seven working days of receipt of customer rework within.

(Note: this repair cycle, except the transportation time and this time, the product does not include Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.)

Note: the company reserves the right to change and the right of final interpretation for obligations.