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LVDT Series DC Rebound Displacement Sensors



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The LVDT displacement sensor has been widely applied to aeronautics and astronautics industry, machinery industry, building industry, textile industry, railway industry, coal industry, chemical industry and reasearch universities and so on. It can be used to measure tension, expansion, diameter, conicity thickness, eccentricity, differential pressure, liquid level, force, weight and so on.

DC LVDT has excellent performance. It is powered by a convenient single power supply 9-28V DC. The electronic circuit is sealed in a 304 stainless steel metal tube. It can work in harsh environments such as humidity and dust. The output signal is standard 0-5V or 4-20mA output, which can be used by a computer or PLC.


1. Outer diameterΦ20mm ,SS 304 shell, spring loaded type

2. Operated from single-ended DC supply, built-in excellent signal transmitter

3. Three wires voltage output 0-5V or 0-10V, two wires current output 4-20mA

4. Measuring range from 0mm to 100mm, high rersolution, excellent repeatability

5. Contactless operation, long use life

Technical Specifcations

DC Rebound LVDT Displacement Transducer Specification


SOP LVDT Series DC Rebound Displacement Sensors have been widely used in applications such as power turbines, hydraulics, automation, aircraft, satellites, nuclear reactors, and many others. These are common applications:

1. Machine tool and tool positioning

2. Hydraulic cylinder positioning

3. Cement industry

4. Deck shift detection

5. Valve position detection and control

6. Metro tunnel engineering protection

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