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KPM Series Linear Sensor



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SOP KPM Series of Linear Position Sensors are used to used to measure and track the linear motion or position of a target. They are designed to withstand the harsh environment of motorsport and automotive testing, structural and architectural testing, and robotics applications.

 KPM series linear position sensor

Using a high-resolution conductive plastic track technology and elastic compensation brush structure of the sensors offer high performance and reliability even under extreme temperature and vibration.

Standard measurement ranges are from 25mm (1 inch) to 300mm (12 inch) although special sizes can be manufactured within a short time. The stainless steel shaft is fitted with sealing to IP65 as standard but with an option of IP67 to protect again even the harshest conditions.


1. We have linear engraving machine, which makes the displacement more accurate.

2. Our brushes are made of six-element alloy imported from Japan.

3. Long Service Life.

4. Resolution highter than 0.01mm.

5. Suitable for detecting the motion position when the ontology cannot be fixed.

6. High operating speed.

7. Eye Connector, large angle(12.5°) free movement.

8. Configurable voltage flow (2-wire, 3-wire) modules.

Technical Specifcations

KPM series technical specifcations.

KPM series modles.

dimension and structure


sensor applicationsapplication case

KPM mini series linear sensors are widely used in injection molding machines, die-casting machines, wood-working machinery, hydraulic machinery, medical machinery, light industry equipment automatic doors, oil presses and other industries.

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