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KTM Series linear sensor



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KTM pulling rod type linear position sensors with conductive plastic element are designed for the displacement or length measurement and are available in different stroke lengths up to 300 mm. The sensors give infinite resolution with repeatability of 0.01 mm and outstanding linearity of 0.05% maximum.

SOP displacement transducer details


1. We have linear engraving machine, which makes the displacement more accurate.

2. Our brushes are made of six-element alloy imported from Japan.

3. Long Service Life.

4. Spring self-recovery linear potentiometer.

5. Stroke lengths available from 5 to 100 mm (0.2 to 4 inchs).

6. High precision and repeatability.

7. Compact size, housing is only 18 mm x 18 mm

8. Also available with integrated signal converter with 4-20 mA output or 0-5/0-10 VDC output.

Technical Specifcations

KTM series technical specifcations

sop linear displacement sensor KTM series sizi



KTM series miniature rod linear position sensors are designed to measure linear motion and position control. Equipped with cardan joint and compact size, KTM sensors can be used in most occasions, especially for limited installation space.


KTM miniature series sensors are widely used in these industries: aircraft steering, ship steering, shoemaking machinery, thimble position control of injection molding machines, printing machinery, paper packaging machinery and simulated driving.

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