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KTR Series Linear Displacement Transducer



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SOP KTR Series Mini Recover Linear Displancement Transducer are used to measure absolute linear motion or position for tracking of a target.

Resistive potentiometric element is made from conductive plastic with minimum temperature drift.

Widely use for automatic equipments such as injection molding machine, blowing machine, die-casting machine, printer etc.

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1. We have linear engraving machine, which makes the displacement more accurate.

2. Our brushes are made of six-element alloy imported from Japan.

3. Long Service Life.

4. Spring self-recovery linear potentiometer.

5. Stroke lengths available from 5 to 100 mm (0.2 to 4 inchs).

6. High precision and repeatability.

7. Compact size, housing is only 18 mm x 18 mm

8. Also available with integrated signal converter with 4-20 mA output or 0-5/0-10 VDC output.

Technical Specifcations

KTR series technical specifcations

KTR choose

sop sensor size


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This is the most common application of sensors. Because the linear sensor is hermetically sealed, it can be used outside of the laboratory and workshop. Linear position sensors can be used in harsh environmental applications such as factory automation, industrial measurement.

Hydraulic transducer

Linear sensor is used as charge sensor in hydraulic accumulator.

Power Turbine

The power plant ensures that the turbines generate electricity. These turbines require a position sensor with a signal conditioner to provide the necessary power.

Aircraft and aviation industry

Most aircraft require a linear sensor to measure the deflection of the wing. Makers such as Positek develop sophisticated sensor products for commercial aircraft and aerospace systems such as the communications satellite.

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KTR Series Linear Displacement Transducer

KTR Series Linear Displacement Transducer

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