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LVDT Pen-shaped Position Sensors



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LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer or Linear Variable Displacement Transducer) consists of a primary coil and two secondary coils symmetrically space on a cylindrical form. A free-moving rod-shaped magnetic core inside the coil assembly provide a path for the magnetic flux linking the coils. When the core is moved, it produces a differential voltage output that varies line arly with changes in core position.

The LVDT displacement sensor has been widely applied to aeronautics and astronautics industry, machinery industry, building industry, textile industry, railway industry, coal industry, chemical industry and reasearch universities and so on. It can be used to measure tension, expansion, diameter, conicity thickness, eccentricity, differential pressure, liquid level, force, weight and so on.


Stroke lengths available from 2mm, 5mm, 10mm

Inductance sensor, friction-free operation

Null Point Repeatability

Fast Dynamic Response

Unlimited Mechanical Life


1. Online monitoring of flatness

2. Thickness, height, breakage and deformation monitoring

3. Shaft diameter detection

4. Precision displacement measurement

5. Glass production testing

6. Online monitoring of auto parts

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