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WPS Series Draw Wire Sensors



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Draw-wire sensor also called draw wire displacement sensor, rope displacement sensor, draw wire transducer. The sensor is a compact integration of the linear displacement sensor. It combines the advantages of angular displacement sensor, linear displacement sensor and gear and strip transmission.

According to output signal, SOP rope position sensors divided into resistance signal, anolog voltage signal/current signal, digital output signal. We have 4 regular sizes, S, M, L, XL type, and we accpet customize which depen on customer requirements.

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1. We have linear engraving machine, which makes the displacement more accurate.

2. Our brushes are made of six-element alloy imported from Japan.

3. Long Service Life.

4. Spring self-recovery linear potentiometer.

5. High precision and repeatability.

6. Compact, versatile, easy to install and small in installation size. 

7. Also available with integrated signal converter with 4-20 mA output or 0-5/0-10 VDC output.

Technical Specifcations

wps pecifcations

How to choose the draw-wire sensor model?


SOP draw wire sensor is suitable for accurate measurement and positioning control. Equipped with digital indicator, it can also be used as measurement tool for manual measuring.

SOP WPS series draw wire position sensor is widely used in storage positioning, dam protections, sluice gate control, screw machines, paper machines, sewing machines, sheet metal machines, printing machines, horizontal control equipment, construction machines, industrial robot, injection machines, woodworking machinery, elevators, air compressors, hydraulic machines, X-Y axis displacement, liquid level measurements and position control.

Draw wire sensor, also known as draw wire encoder, or string potentiometer, or cable extension transducer, pull-wire encoder, pull-wire ruler, pull-wire displacement sensor. or rope encode, etc.

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