2LG710 2.2kw Ac Fish Pond Air Blower
  • 2LG710 2.2kw Ac Fish Pond Air Blower
  • 2LG710 2.2kw Ac Fish Pond Air Blower
  • 2LG710 2.2kw Ac Fish Pond Air Blower
  • 2LG710 2.2kw Ac Fish Pond Air Blower
  • 2LG710 2.2kw Ac Fish Pond Air Blower
  • 2LG710 2.2kw Ac Fish Pond Air Blower
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2LG710 2.2kw Ac Fish Pond Air Blower

Brand Liongoal

Product origin China

Delivery time 7 days

Supply capacity 300 pcs/day

Die-cast aluminum alloy ADC12, Excellent heat-dissipating;
2-pole electric motor with IP55 and Insulations class F;
Dual usage - suction and blow;
Compact surface, light weight;
100% No-oily odor and maintenance-free;
Long life span and Low noise;
24 hours continuously working;
Environmental protection;
Anti-vibration; Cooler running bearing;
National Patent design --- Balanced design of dual bearings
Easy installation;

2LG710 2.2kw Ac Fish Pond Air Blower


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未标题-2+_11.jpg未标题-2+_12.jpgProduct Description
The blower can be used for sewage treatment vacuum industry aquaculture fish farming dust cleaning Textile industry blower for barbecue siemens ring blower air blower wastewater treatment high pressure blower price, blower vortex air vacuum blower 370w ring blower side channel blower 24 vdc 1000w series ring blower ring channel blower
ring blower housing 11kw double stage ring blower
Packing & Delivery
To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


Q1: What's the shipping/freight cost?
A1:  It depends on the quantities and shipping methods, please contact us for accurate quotation.
Q2: What's the leading time?
A2:  It takes 7 working days for those in stock, and takes 10-15 working days for those out of stock.
Q3: Can you produce special voltage ring blowers? such as 110V and 400V etc
A3: Yes, we can. Please contact us freely for more details.
Q4: How to choose the model?
A4:  You need to tell us Air flow, operating pressure, operating mode(vacuum or pressure), motor voltage and frequency, and then we'll choose you the right one.
Q5: How to operate the blower?
A5: Connect with wire, and turn on the power, so you can use it directly, about the wiring method, we will tell you how to do according to your voltage, so at first , you need to tell us your voltage and phase,its important.
Q6: What is the material of your machine , is it oil free?
A6: Our machine is aluminum alloy, motor is 100% copper coil. of course, it's oil free.

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