Long stoke KTF linear position sensor

Long stoke KTF linear position sensor


Universal KTF slider series linear displacement sensor, effective stroke 75mm2500mm, 4mm buffer stroke at both ends, accuracy 0.15%0.04%FS.

The surface of the shell is anodized, anti-corrosion; built-in conductive plastic measuring unit, no temperature drift, long life; with automatic electrical grounding function. The sealing grade is IP65 (IP57 when installed downward), DIN43650 standard plug and socket,

It can be applied to most general occasions, especially the occasions where the length direction is limited and the alignment is difficult; the tie rod and the ball head have a 10mm automatic correction function, and the allowable limit movement speed is 10m/s.

The following is the structural composition of KTF:

KTF linear position sensor

The Summarize feature of the KTF:

1. No Pole Design

2. Spherical Hinge Could Avoid Lateral Force

3. Usage Life is Longer,Times could reach to Thirty Million

4. Non-linearity Smaller

5. Resolution Rate is Higher Than 0.01mm

6. High Speed

7. Din43650 Standard Plug and Socket

8. Projection is IP65(install Down is IP57)

9. Could Equip with voltage and current(2line,3line) Module.

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